The Beginning After The End
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Status Ongoing
Type Comic
Released 2018
Author TurtleMe
Artist Fuyuki23
Serialization Tapas Original
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The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End Plot & Synopsis

King Grey the strongest man in his world. He has unmatched strength, wealth and prestige in a world governed by martial prowess. Yet, he has never dated or loved, as he has dedicated his entire life to becoming the strongest. Then, one day, he unknowingly died in his room. He didn’t know if he was poisoned or assassinated, after all, there were too many who wanted him dead.

Thereafter, he was reborn in another world, on the continent of Dicathen. It is a world full of magic and monsters. When he was reincarnated into this world, he retained his memories from the previous life. This enabled him to be a skilled swordsman and great strategist at a very young age. After his reincarnation into the Leywin family, Grey decided that unlike his previous life, he would enjoy his life to the fullest. Unlike his previous life, in which he had few friends and had no family. He wanted to be loved and surrounded by the friends and family he had lacked in his previous life.

But beneath the peace and prosperity of the new world, there is an undercurrent that threatens to destroy everything he has worked for and calls into question his role and the reason for his rebirth.

Join Arthur on his journey in the new world, where he faces challenges, gains power, and builds new relationships.

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