Medical Return
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Status Completed
Type Manhwa
Released 2018
Author Yuin
Artist Kidari studio
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)
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Medical Return

Alternative Name : Medical Rebirth, Medical Reincarnation, Return: Aru Gekai no Gyakushuu, Реинкарнация врача, العودة الطبية, 메디컬 환생, リターン~ある外科医の逆襲~, 生死急诊科

Medical Return Plot & Synopsis

Kim Jinhyun used to be a target of bullies during his high school days, nevertheless, he put all his efforst into majoring and studying to become a surgeon. Thanks to his efforst he received a chance to work in the best national hospital and later, he managed to open a hospital through acquiring debts. But everything went against him.

His wife divorced him, the hospital went out of business, the debts piled up, and he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He thought this was the time he would end it all. But then something unprecedented happened.

[If you could live your life again, what kind of life would you live?]

Unknowingly, he gains a second chance to repeat his life. He returns to his middle school days and lives his life to the fullest, unlike before, studying nonstop. His goal is to become a dermatologist who makes a lot of money instead of being the poor surgeon he was in his former life!

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