Mashle: Magic And Muscles
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2020
Author KOUMOTO Hajime
Artist KOUMOTO Hajime
Serialization Shuukan Shounen Jump (Shueisha)
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Mashle: Magic And Muscles

Alternative Name : Mashle: Magic and Muscles, マッシュル -MASHLE-

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Plot & Synopsis

This is a magical world where magic is used for almost everything. But deep in the forest, there is a young man who spends all his time training his body. He was abandoned as a child because of not having a mark, and is unable to use magic. Instead, he uses a style of “muscle magic” in which he makes up for his lack of magical power with techniques using his muscles. Nevertheless, he leads a peaceful life with his adoptive grandfather.

He is also extremely insensitive and is not afraid to say rude things to people. Also, he believes in his own abilities and even told the principal that he would beat him with his fists.

Mash is generally quiet and kind. However, when he sees someone hurting his family or friends, he gets incredibly angry. He leads a peaceful life, but one day, Mash goes out on the streets and is spotted by a police officer. His life was in danger. Will Mash’s muscular body be able to protect him from the magicians who are after him? This is the start of an abnormal magical fantasy where trained muscles destroy magic.

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