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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2003
Author SORACHI Hideaki
Artist SORACHI Hideaki
Serialization Gintama App (Shueisha)Shounen Jump GIGA (Shueisha)Shuukan Shounen Jump (Shueisha)
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Alternative Name : 13 (oneshot from vol. 13), Bankara (oneshot from vol. 38), Bankara-san ga tooru, Gin Tama, Sidabrinė Dvasia, Silver Soul, Thirteen, Банкара, Гинтама, Серебряная душа, Тринадцать, بانكارا, ばんから, サーティーン, 十三, 銀魂, 銀魂―ぎんたま―

Gintama Plot & Synopsis

In the Edo period, Japan is suddenly attacked by an alien race, the Tenjin. The samurai try to stand up to the alien threat, but the shogun soon realizes that their efforts are in vain and decides to surrender. This leads to an uneasy agreement between the Shogunate and the Tenjin, which leads to a nationwide ban on swords and the disappearance of the samurai spirit.

But there is an eccentric among them who wields a wooden sword and refuses to give up his samurai status. Sakata Gintoki is no longer needed and earns his living by doing all kinds of jobs in the city.

Together with his self-appointed apprentice Shimura Shinpachi, the scary alien Kagura and the giant dog Sadaharu, he leads the “Yorozuya” and often gets involved in crazy and funny events.

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