Archmage Streamer
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
Author Didat
Artist SADU
Serialization KakaoPage (KakaoPage)
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Archmage Streamer

Alternative Name : BJ Archmage, BJ Grand Mage, BJ대마도사

Archmage Streamer Plot & Synopsis

[From the author of Kill The Hero]

The world is always ruled by three kinds of people. The first are those with talent, the second are those with money, and last are those who are hella lucky. It also applied inside a virtual reality game, called God Wars. The era of God Wars had started. In such an era, being good at the God Wars game was a formidable skill to have.

Jung HyeonWoo had neither ‘Talent’, ‘Money’, or ‘Luck’. But he accepted his own reality.

After all, God Wars players had to choose one among 1,000 cards when creating a character and choosing skill. Therefore, luck is your only option for getting the best possible start inside the game. But someday, something strange happened to Jung HyeonWoo.

[Why can I see the hidden information in the game?]

After an electrocution accident, I started being able to see stuff I couldn’t before in the game. At that moment he experienced the miracle that came to him.

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